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Introducing a refreshing vape with a twist on a classic mint flavor! Spearmint packs a minty punch that resembles your favorite flavored gum.

Device Specifications


• Nicotine Salt: 5% 
• Disposable Device - No Maintenance - No Refilling. 
• Liquid Capacity: 15ML 
• Battery Capacity: 400mAh (Rechargeable)
• Puff Count: ~5000
• Draw Activated Firing Mechanism


Embark on a fresh journey with Spearmint, a vape experience that defies the ordinary. Imagine a burst of invigorating spearmint leaves, carefully curated to deliver an unrivaled sensation. This isn't just another e-liquid; it's a revelation in flavor crafted by SWFT Bar.

Product Features

  • Crisp Intensity: Immerse yourself in the crisp, natural essence of spearmint that captivates the senses.
  • Purity Redefined: Spearmint is a pure, unadulterated expression of one of nature's most refreshing herbs.
  • Smooth Finish: Enjoy a smooth, satisfying finish that leaves a lingering coolness, making each puff an indulgent experience.
  • Design Innovation: The sleek design ensures that Spearmint not only tastes extraordinary but is also a stylish statement.

Spearmint favors you to enjoy the freshness and enhance your vaping experiences with its unique flavor that represents pure, minty happiness.

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